About Garcinia Cambogia


Garcinia Cambogia is unlike any fruit you’ve likely ever heard of before.  It has a range of health benefits.  Quite importantly, it can help dieters lose a great deal of weight and feel better in the process.  It is thus no wonder that health experts including Dr. Oz are beginning to look at Garcinia Cambogia with a great deal of enthusiasm.


Garcinia Cambogia may be new to many parts of the world, but this unusual and tasty fruit is used frequently in the cuisine of many cultures.  Popular in India and Southeast Asian recipes, it is more than just a widely consumed fruit in Asia. 

Garcinia Cambogia is also a powerful all-natural tool in weight loss that more and more people are taking advantage of to receive powerful and transformative results!


Tap into the Natural Power of Garcinia Cambogia


Much of the research behind the Garcinia Cambogia revolution stems from the fact that this fruit contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid or HCA.  Natural HCA comes from the rind of the fruit, and it is quite powerful.


Thanks to the all-natural HCA found in Garcinia Cambogia, it is possible to keep fat cells from forming in the first place.  If you have ever struggled to lose weight, you should stop to ponder what this means for you and other dieters.  Imagine an all-natural weight loss product that can keep fat cells from forming!


Studies also show that HCA suppresses appetite in an impressive way, while at the very same time, it works to boost energy levels.  In short, it is safe to state that HCA is nothing short of amazing.


Synthetic Garcinia Cambogia Just Doesn’t Cut It


When it comes to selecting Garcinia Cambogia, your body wants an all-natural product with all-natural HCA and not a synthetic version.  The whole point of opting for Garcinia Cambogia is to get away from synthetic creations and the drugs produced by the pharmaceutical companies.  After all, these drugs have been proven highly ineffective and even dangerous in the past. 


They can also keep you on a constant cycle and gaining and losing weight.  What you need is a sustainable solution that provides lasting results.


All Cure Encapsulations Garcinia Cambogia supplements are pure and effective.  We never put synthetic anything in our products, and that is because we want to give you the very best results possible.  Besides, studies have shown that synthetics just don’t work!


Studies Reveal That Garcinia Cambogia Really Is Amazing


A key study found in the Current Therapeutic Research Journal showed that Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA resulted in significant weight loss.  But how?  Garcinia Cambogia works to block the enzymes that help fat form and collect in your body.  With the right supplements, you can stop the fat from forming in your body in the first place.  Exciting news right?  Best of all, it is all true.  Click here to read the study for yourself!



About Yacon Syrup

Can a Sweetener Really Lead to Weight Loss? Read On…


Never heard of yacón?  Dr. Oz is pretty excited about this food, in particularly yacón syrup, but why?


What Makes Yacón So Special?


Yacón is a perennial plant grown in the Andes region of Columbia and Argentina.  The plant is related to Jerusalem artichoke as well as the sunflower, but comes with some impressive taste and health benefits. 


The edible tubers of yacón contain fructooligosaccharides.  Now most people have never seen the term “fructooligosaccharides” before but fructooligosaccharides represent something quite wonderful.  Fructooligosaccharides are an indigestible polysaccharide that consists of fructose.  This means that the fructooligosaccharides found in yacón are very sweet, but are also very low in calories. 


The Power of FOS


You may be wondering how it is possible for a food to be extremely sweet and yet low in calories.  With yacón, those looking to lose weight and get in shape have been provided a great gift!


Since fructooligosaccharides (FOS) pass through the digestive tract unmetabolised, they are very low in calories.  It is no shock that yacón is now being used as a sweetener.  After all, yacón is ultra-low in calories, yet amazingly tasty and sweet. 


So what is not to love?  But as it turns out, yacón has even more to offer those looking to lose weight.


Digestive Health, Immunity Strength, Yacón Syrup and Weight Loss


Recent studies have shown that there is a link between digestive tract health and overall health.  In fact, he majority of all immune cells in the body are in found in the digestive tract. 


If you want a stronger immune system, then you need to have good digestive tract health.  As it turns out, the impressive yacón plant is also a prebiotic.  Prebiotics are non-digestible foods that foster the growth of positive, immunity boosting digestive tract bacteria.  The FOS found in yacón is a strong prebiotic and, in this way, can dramatically boost the number of friendly bacteria that populate the digestive tract.  More amazingly, yacón syrup can contain up to 50% FOS, which is very unique. 


Why is This Important to Losing Weight?  Let’s Take a Closer Look


Not only have recent studies concluded that there is a link between digestive tract and overall health, but there is also a link between digestive tract bacteria and weight gain and, of course, weight loss.  The right levels and kinds of digestive tract bacteria can assist with weight loss.  This means that yacón, thanks to its friendly bacteria promoting FOS, can help you lose weight while building a stronger immune system.


Yacón-Weight Loss Connection-Backed Up by Clinical Studies


But have studies backed up the yacón-weight loss connection?  Yes they have!

A study published in the 2009 in Clinical Nutrition entitled, “Yacon syrup: beneficial effects on obesity and insulin resistance in humans” showed that a daily intake of yacón syrup was associated with significant weight loss as well as a significant decrease in waist circumferenceThe pre-menopausal women of the study also lowered their BMI or body mass index.


Yacón Doesn’t Cause Blood Glucose Levels to Rise


This same study concluded that yacón did not cause glucose levels to rise.  As it turns out, yacón is far more than just a very tasty sweetener that builds the immune system and promotes weight loss. Since yacón doesn’t raise blood glucose levels, it is a favorite sweetener for diabetics. 


The study concluded in striking fashion stating, “In summary, the yacon syrup is a natural product rich in FOS that could be well positioned as a nutraceutical product since the present results demonstrate its beneficial effects on human health.”


Few Health Products Can Offer What Yacón Syrup Does


Very low in calories and yet very sweet, yacón syrup is high in FOS, which promotes immunity health and weight loss.  At the same time, it does not raise blood glucose levels. It is no wonder everyone, including Dr. Oz, is excited about yacón syrup.